An Open Letter to Trump Supporters on the Eve of the Election

Trump Dolls

It’s November 7th, 2016, the day before one of the most important Presidential elections in our history. And, with the best of intentions, I’m writing an open letter to Trump supporters asking for just a brief moment of attention.

First, I understand why you’re planning on voting for Trump. I really do. Many of you live in small towns that have been completely ruined in this economy over the past few decades. The erosion of the American small town has caused countless of your neighbors to flee to the cities for work, all the while leaving you to try and pick up the pieces of what’s left. Businesses have shut down, jobs are scarce, and you feel you’ve lost your voice within the American political system.

Others amongst you have been conditioned to hate Hillary Clinton for decades upon decades as she has, rightfully or wrongfully, been scandalized in the conservative media. She’s for gun control, is Pro Choice, and she has a polished/rehearsed persona that doesn’t give you a very good sense for what’s underneath.

So, I get it. You’re desperate for someone that can bring back your life, your town, your job, etc, or you’re desperate for anyone but Hillary. And Donald Trump seems like he could be that someone. He claims to be for gun rights. He says he’s anti-abortion. He doesn’t worry about being politically correct. And, best of all, he pledges to “Make America Great Again.”

But, if you have a conscience, my guess is that you’ve probably had doubts about him as this campaign has unfolded. For as much as you’re hoping he’s the savior you so desperately need right now, things don’t always seem to add up.

Before you go to vote tomorrow, I hope that you’ll take a second to carefully consider some questions I have about this election. I believe these questions raise serious red flags about Donald Trump’s fitness to be President and his ability to tackle tough problems we’re facing, as well as calling into question a lot of the pre-conceived notions about Hillary Clinton:

  1. Why have a group of 370 prominent economists, including eight Nobel laureates, written a letter calling Donald Trump a “dangerous, destructive choice” for the country? Why has a separate group of 20 Nobel laureates in economics written an open letter to Americans and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President? Can people who’ve dedicated their whole lives to economic study and been given the highest possible award for their accomplishments in this field be casually disregarded?
  2. Income inequality in this country is approaching record levels and a study showed most Americans have no idea how bad it is (e.g. the top 20% of Americans control 84% of the wealth while the bottom 40% controls just 0.3%). How do Trump’s economic policies address this gross inequality?
  3. If Donald Trump really cared about Americans and American jobs, why did he ship so many jobs overseas to create his own products?
  4. Is Donald Trump actually a great businessman like he says he is?
  5. If so, why has he had to declare bankruptcy six times and why have so many of his other business failed (e.g. Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Airlines, etc)?
  6. Do you know anyone else that brags and boasts about themselves as much as Donald Trump? If so, do you like that person? Would you want them to represent you?
  7. Should you be paying more in federal income taxes every year than a billionaire like Donald Trump?
  8. Is Donald Trump actually religious, or is he pretending to be religious to get votes?
  9. Is Donald Trump really Pro-Life, or is he just pretending to be Pro-Life to get votes?
  10. Does Trump’s marital history and treatment of women reflect ideals you want our nation’s leader to espouse? Is he a good role model for your children?
  11. Do you believe that global warming is real and man-made?
  12. If you answered “no” to the previous question, please scan through the graph at this link and come to the correct answer. Now, since you know global warming is real, man-made, and threatens our very existence, does Trump’s plan to abandon efforts to stop global warming make sense? Isn’t that a terrifying stance to take?
  13. Do you REALLY think Mexico is going to pay to build a wall on our border? Do you have any idea of what the cost of such a wall would be?
  14. Can someone who has been shown by a Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking organization to be lying 70% of the time during his campaign for President really brand his opponent as “crooked” and “a liar?” Especially when the same organization found her to be false only about 25% of the time?
  15. Speaking of Hillary Clinton, there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there about her that are repeated over and over and over again on conservative talk radio. Do any of them actually make any sense? If so, which ones?
  16. For example, if she really was responsible for the deaths of the Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, why haven’t any of the eight inquiries made into Benghazi so far found that to be the case? If she’s guilty of treason for the email scandal, as so many conservative pundits are telling you, why would the Republican head of the FBI, James Comey, recommend that she not be charged?
  17. Would you honestly be that upset about these emails if it was a Republican that had done this? Did you know that a Republican, Colin Powell, had done this already?
  18. Can Hillary Clinton really “take away our guns”? How? Are you aware of how difficult it is to override a constitutional amendment?
  19. Don’t some limitations on guns, such as background checks and limitations on assault-style rifles make sense?
  20. In such a tightly-contested race and with so much at stake for each political party, why have so many prominent Republicans withheld support for Donald Trump?

From my vantage point, Donald Trump doesn’t care a lick about small town America, religion, gun rights, the right to life for unborn babies, or any of the other values you may or may not espouse. He is a rich, mediocre businessman from the big city who is nothing short of an egomaniac. The only things Donald Trump cares about are Donald Trump and power. And he’s willing to say/do whatever it takes to get that power.

This man has dangerous ideas. Please vote wisely tomorrow. Everyone’s future depends on it.